Face Shopping: the role that "mianzi consumption" plays in consumer choice in China

Face Shopping: the role that “mianzi consumption” plays in consumer choice in China

When I walked into the wedding flower shop in Tonglu, China — my husband’s hometown — I knew exactly the kind of flowers I wanted: roses, just like the roses on my wedding dress. The shop owner, however, didn’t ask us what type of flowers we wanted. Instead, she asked us how much we were […]

The appeal and illusion of foreign brands in China

The appeal and illusion of foreign brands in China

Photo: Wal-Mart in China In China, Wal-Mart is synonymous with good quality and a pleasant shopping environment. It’s a far cry from the low quality – low price image prevalent among US consumers. And Wal-Mart isn’t the only one. Holiday Inn in China is often located in brilliantly decorated downtown high rises, instead of being […]

On managing the departure of a valued Chinese employee — Part I

Our guest article this week comes from Gary Baney, CEO of Boundless Flight. Managing Chinese hires is an important part of a corporation’s reputation and impression in China. Gary shares somes of his practical and valuable insights on this topic. Here’s Gary: ————————————————————————————————— One of the reasons many companies have hesitated to hire Chinese national […]

Interview with Gary Wells of Dix & Eaton about international communications

Interview with Gary Wells of Dix & Eaton about international communications

Jocelyn: Good morning, this is Jocelyn, we’re at the Wu Way, this is January 29, and I’m here at the BP Building and I have the pleasure of meeting with Gary Wells, who is the Senior Managing Director for Media Relations and Global Communications for Dix & Eaton. I might add that Gary is a […]

McKinsey looks into China’s hinterland…and sees opportunity

Seems like Shanghai, Beijing and other major cities in China are the current darlings of the international business world. Who can blame them? The breakneck pace of development has produced a dizzying array of buildings, shopping malls — and accompanying stats — to make any marketer swoon. Meanwhile, one has to wonder about the 70 […]

Cultural icons as a brand: Starbucks in the Forbidden City revisited

Back in January, I wrote about Starbucks’ unwelcome presence in the Forbidden City. Just yesterday, NPR’s Morning Edition did an interview with the man who gave the cause an extra jolt of caffeine – CCTV TV anchor Rui Chenggang. Steve Inskeep interviews Rui about the “invasion”.

The Golden Pig Year baby boom and the power of superstition in China

It’s no secret that superstition runs deep in Chinese culture. And this Chinese New Year is yet another reminder of that, as this NPR news story discusses in the baby boom for the Golden Pig year: In China, city-dwellers are only allowed one child, so many are timing their pregnancies according to the traditional lunar […]