Chinese executives

“No commerce, no evil” is no more: how China’s ethical standards affect your business

There was a Chinese saying: “no commerce, no evil”. Merchants were thought to be unscrupulous, and commerce was historically considered an ignoble industry in China. This contemptuous attitude towards businessmen no longer exists in current China. Making money is given priority now. However, problems come up when this priority may be the only consideration for […]

On managing the departure of a valued Chinese employee — Part I

Our guest article this week comes from Gary Baney, CEO of Boundless Flight. Managing Chinese hires is an important part of a corporation’s reputation and impression in China. Gary shares somes of his practical and valuable insights on this topic. Here’s Gary: ————————————————————————————————— One of the reasons many companies have hesitated to hire Chinese national […]

Get out the Ginseng and Maotai: giving gifts during Chinese New Year

Ginseng. Vitamin supplements. Top-shelf liquor. Fancy snack foods. These might be a few of the things gracing my shopping list as gifts for Chinese New Year. Ginseng a gift? You bet. Ginseng, one of many treasured remedies in Chinese medicine, is a welcome gift for more senior folks. As are any number of nutritional and […]