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Yahoo in China = prison time? The worst PR ever…

There’s a fine line everyone has to tow when doing public activities in China — that line between absolute freedom and the Chinese government. I touched on this a bit in my previous post on the One China Policy. But what if your concessions result in jail time for a Chinese dissident? That’s what’s at […]

Face Shopping: the role that "mianzi consumption" plays in consumer choice in China

Face Shopping: the role that “mianzi consumption” plays in consumer choice in China

When I walked into the wedding flower shop in Tonglu, China — my husband’s hometown — I knew exactly the kind of flowers I wanted: roses, just like the roses on my wedding dress. The shop owner, however, didn’t ask us what type of flowers we wanted. Instead, she asked us how much we were […]

“No commerce, no evil” is no more: how China’s ethical standards affect your business

There was a Chinese saying: “no commerce, no evil”. Merchants were thought to be unscrupulous, and commerce was historically considered an ignoble industry in China. This contemptuous attitude towards businessmen no longer exists in current China. Making money is given priority now. However, problems come up when this priority may be the only consideration for […]