In a global world, communication matters — especially for China-based companies or multinationals with China operations. The Wu Way can help you inform, engage and enlighten your global/Western audience through writing and copywriting services from a writer who understands China. Our clients include Sherwin-Williams, Starbucks, and Charming Shoppes.

Articles. We bring China closer to the employees and clients of China-based companies and multinationals through articles for their corporate magazines and blogs. Our cultural sensitivity and knack for storytelling results in powerful pieces that can positively impact the way people think about your company in the Asia-Pacific region.

Website Content/Marketing Materials. Let us help you reach a Western audience with website content and marketing materials that effectively communicate what you do, and why you’re the best choice. We can plan and write content for websites and a wide range of collateral (from ads and brochures to posters and sell sheets).

Chinese translation with a big-picture perspective
What good is translation if you don’t have absolute confidence in it? We’re not just translators — we see the big picture that makes a difference in the message, including Chinese and US culture. Our team consists of an American citizen and Chinese culture expert fluent in Mandarin Chinese plus a Chinese national with a degree in English and master’s in psychology. We’ll ensure the integrity of your translation, whether it’s from English to Chinese or Chinese to English.

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