Chinese New Year

Full moon fever on the Lantern Festival

Full moon fever on the Lantern Festival

The brightest moon of the new year welcomes a festival of light – the Lantern Festival, also the official end to Chinese New Year. Thought the new year was over after Chinese New Year’s Eve? Think again. In China, celebrating the new year is not just a matter of swinging around a few firecrackers and […]

The Golden Pig Year baby boom and the power of superstition in China

It’s no secret that superstition runs deep in Chinese culture. And this Chinese New Year is yet another reminder of that, as this NPR news story discusses in the baby boom for the Golden Pig year: In China, city-dwellers are only allowed one child, so many are timing their pregnancies according to the traditional lunar […]

Happy Year of the Pig!

We’re taking the week off to observe the holiday. In the meantime, we wish you a prosperous new year. Gong Xi Fa Cai 恭喜发财! of the most beloved Chinese New Year Symbols

Duilian…one of the most beloved Chinese New Year Symbols

This image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons and user Chrislb, and falls under their GMU Free Documentation License. Ever come across a door flanked by two vertical red strips with Chinese characters? If so, you’ve seen duilian — one of the most important and revered Chinese New Year symbols and traditions. Duilian are generally two long, […]

How the Chinese government may have stolen Chinese New Year

The Chinese government may be treading on some thin ice with their recent announcement about the Chinese New Year. The problem? They’ve announced that the official holiday falls on February 18 to 24 — conveniently forgetting about February 17, Chinese New Year’s Eve. Here’s a rough translation of a portion of this article in BBC […]

Get out the Ginseng and Maotai: giving gifts during Chinese New Year

Ginseng. Vitamin supplements. Top-shelf liquor. Fancy snack foods. These might be a few of the things gracing my shopping list as gifts for Chinese New Year. Ginseng a gift? You bet. Ginseng, one of many treasured remedies in Chinese medicine, is a welcome gift for more senior folks. As are any number of nutritional and […]