New Year’s Day

My Short 2009 (and beyond!) China Wishlist

Instead of looking back on 2008, or making predictions for 2009, I thought — why not share a list of my hopes and wishes for China in the next year…and beyond? So…here’s a short list of what I’d like to see in the Middle Kingdom in 2009, and after. It is NOT a prediction; I […]

How the Chinese government may have stolen Chinese New Year

The Chinese government may be treading on some thin ice with their recent announcement about the Chinese New Year. The problem? They’ve announced that the official holiday falls on February 18 to 24 — conveniently forgetting about February 17, Chinese New Year’s Eve. Here’s a rough translation of a portion of this article in BBC […]

On January 1, I do: New Year’s Day is popular for weddings in China

What do you think of when January 1 approaches? An evening of wild bacchanalia? The apple drop in Times Square? Resolutions? How about adding “weddings” to that? Because, if you’re Chinese, a wedding might just be the first thing on your new year to-do list. Why is January 1 such a hot time for weddings? […]