On January 1, I do: New Year’s Day is popular for weddings in China

What do you think of when January 1 approaches? An evening of wild bacchanalia? The apple drop in Times Square? Resolutions?

How about adding “weddings” to that? Because, if you’re Chinese, a wedding might just be the first thing on your new year to-do list.

Why is January 1 such a hot time for weddings?

Well, it’s no surprise that most Chinese weddings fall within official national holidays such as January 1 (also known as yuandan). These are usually the only times of the year everyone has the time off, and thus can manage the trip (long or short) to celebrate a new couple.

But there’s something more to January 1 than the rest. There is a Chinese saying that roughly translates to “whether or not you have money, if you find a wife you’ll have a good Chinese new year”. January 1 is the last holiday before Chinese new year — and a great opportunity with your friends and family off for the day. Put 2 and 2 together, and it’s no wonder Chinese couples are donning their white gowns and tuxedos in droves.

Some weddings, such as in this story from the BBC in Taipei (Chinese), are even done together, with rows of brides and grooms professing their love all at once.

If your product/service can be tied to the wedding industry, don’t miss out on this day.

Diamond sellers already do some brisk business at this time of the year, with their sales figures several times higher than normal (Chinese).

But don’t forget to do your homework on those specialty items or services that appeal to a Chinese audience. Here’s something to chew on: a gold peony, which symbolizes auspiciousness, wealth and happiness, is one new must-have hot item for the new bride and groom in China.

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