Lingering anxiety and lost talent: the college-entrance exam economy in China

College entrance exams in China usually end in June and a new term starts at the beginning of September. But the anxiety among students and parents from college entrance exams is still lingering. Students and parents not only care about whether they can enter college, but also whether they can enter a prestigious school. Anxiety, […]

Face Shopping: the role that "mianzi consumption" plays in consumer choice in China

Face Shopping: the role that “mianzi consumption” plays in consumer choice in China

When I walked into the wedding flower shop in Tonglu, China — my husband’s hometown — I knew exactly the kind of flowers I wanted: roses, just like the roses on my wedding dress. The shop owner, however, didn’t ask us what type of flowers we wanted. Instead, she asked us how much we were […]

The latest sign of Chinese pride? Tang-style clothing for the “average Wang” in China

Just yesterday, while doing a little post-nuptial shopping (in China, new couples also need new clothes), my husband and I came upon a typical store with the usual suspects for clothing. He and I were about to write the place off our list until I spied this red thing of beauty on the shelves, nestled […]