Interview with Gary Wells of Dix & Eaton about international communications

Interview with Gary Wells of Dix & Eaton about international communications

Jocelyn: Good morning, this is Jocelyn, we’re at the Wu Way, this is January 29, and I’m here at the BP Building and I have the pleasure of meeting with Gary Wells, who is the Senior Managing Director for Media Relations and Global Communications for Dix & Eaton. I might add that Gary is a […]

McKinsey looks into China’s hinterland…and sees opportunity

Seems like Shanghai, Beijing and other major cities in China are the current darlings of the international business world. Who can blame them? The breakneck pace of development has produced a dizzying array of buildings, shopping malls — and accompanying stats — to make any marketer swoon. Meanwhile, one has to wonder about the 70 […]

Get out the Ginseng and Maotai: giving gifts during Chinese New Year

Ginseng. Vitamin supplements. Top-shelf liquor. Fancy snack foods. These might be a few of the things gracing my shopping list as gifts for Chinese New Year. Ginseng a gift? You bet. Ginseng, one of many treasured remedies in Chinese medicine, is a welcome gift for more senior folks. As are any number of nutritional and […]

Will you be my “zui aide” sweetheart…on Christmas: why Christmas is a romantic holiday in China and what it means for marketing and communications

Love is in the air…the lighted streets are decked with couples unabashedly linking arms and eyes…ah, romance… [Insert sound of record scratching] Wait a minute! Aren’t we getting ahead of our holidays here? Valentine’s Day isn’t for another two months. Au contrair, zui aide. This isn’t Valentine’s Day I’m talking about…it’s Christmas…in China. Here’s what […]

Interview with Chip Coakley, chairman and CEO of PGL Global: the challenges involved with marketing in China and doing business in China

Jocelyn: Good morning, this is the Wu Way Update for December the first, and we’re having a conversation with Chip Coakley, who is the chairman and CEO of PGL Global, which is a firm that helps mid-size companies with their outsourcing as well as offshoring. And we’re talking this morning about the challenges involved with […]

Why Avon sells whitening cleansers in China: culture matters

You’ll find live frogs and turtles at Wal-Mart. “refreshing tea” toothpaste from Crest, and a whole line of whitening products from Avon…in China. Frogs and turtles may not be on your menu; heck, tea might not be the first thing that comes to mind as “refreshing”. But it’s another story for the Chinese — and […]

Like brother, like coworker: why you should encourage the hiring of friends and relatives in China

Here in my home country the US, nepotism is unanimously scorned upon. A workplace romance has almost as much notoreity among coworkers — if not more — than the local celeb gossip. Employers caught hiring their relatives risk expulsion from their jobs — or worse. Instead, we bow to the American ideal of workers garnering […]

Marketing to execs and bosses in China’s hinterlands: don’t let the scenery fool you

Recently I ran across a company that went to the inner provinces of China…they were hoping to sell a B2B concept to executives and managers in their field. The sight was disconcerting to them: an infrastructure that appeared underdeveloped compared to the US; austere buildings and facilities. So they made an assumption — maybe these […]