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Interview with Chip Coakley, chairman and CEO of PGL Global: the challenges involved with marketing in China and doing business in China

Jocelyn: Good morning, this is the Wu Way Update for December the first, and we’re having a conversation with Chip Coakley, who is the chairman and CEO of PGL Global, which is a firm that helps mid-size companies with their outsourcing as well as offshoring. And we’re talking this morning about the challenges involved with […]

Independent travel is on the rise

National Day may be over…but travel is still going strong this month. Temperate weather from Beijing down to Hong Kong spurs those with the desire and means to hit the roads. But, to paraphrase a Bob Dylan lyric, travel habits they are a’ changing. These articles from the Xinhua news agency (Chinese) and Financial World […]

Wei, ni hao…mobile phones are a great way to reach the masses in China

If you’re looking for a new way to target consumers in China, why not consider doing it through mobile phone marketing? In this Click-Z article: a very large opportunity for mobile marketing I am once again reminded of the vast marketing potential of the mobile phone in China. The author Laura Marriott writes: China has […]