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Can a “Moral Models Campaign” Solve China’s Morality Problem?

The Civilization Office of the China People’s Congress Central Committee announced Friday the assistance plan to 14 of the 53 national moral models who are in financial difficulty. The plan involves paying 24,000 RMB to 100,000 RMB to the models for their life assurance, housing cost, tuition, living expenses, daily necessity cost. The moral models […]

We all go down together: lianzuo (collective responsibility) in China

Imagine doing jail time — or worse — just because you were related to the offending party. If you want to understand just how far collectivism goes in China, look no further than lianzuo — or collective responsibility. Throughout China’s 2,000-year feudal history — from at least 7th-century BC all the way to the turn […]

Don’t let your Chinese translation become a pain in the you-know-where

While searching for Chinese Jujubes on the internet, this seller stopped me in my tracks — and not because she’s offering a great product. I scratched my head, wondering if anyone would ever buy her “Chinese Jujube with Ass Glue.” We may laugh — but the real laugh is on the seller, whose unintentionally vulgar […]

Lingering anxiety and lost talent: the college-entrance exam economy in China

College entrance exams in China usually end in June and a new term starts at the beginning of September. But the anxiety among students and parents from college entrance exams is still lingering. Students and parents not only care about whether they can enter college, but also whether they can enter a prestigious school. Anxiety, […]

Face Shopping: the role that "mianzi consumption" plays in consumer choice in China

Face Shopping: the role that “mianzi consumption” plays in consumer choice in China

When I walked into the wedding flower shop in Tonglu, China — my husband’s hometown — I knew exactly the kind of flowers I wanted: roses, just like the roses on my wedding dress. The shop owner, however, didn’t ask us what type of flowers we wanted. Instead, she asked us how much we were […]

The latest sign of Chinese pride? Tang-style clothing for the “average Wang” in China

Just yesterday, while doing a little post-nuptial shopping (in China, new couples also need new clothes), my husband and I came upon a typical store with the usual suspects for clothing. He and I were about to write the place off our list until I spied this red thing of beauty on the shelves, nestled […]