Don’t let your Chinese translation become a pain in the you-know-where

While searching for Chinese Jujubes on the internet, this seller stopped me in my tracks — and not because she’s offering a great product. I scratched my head, wondering if anyone would ever buy her “Chinese Jujube with Ass Glue.”Bad translation that reads

We may laugh — but the real laugh is on the seller, whose unintentionally vulgar title will reveal them for an amateur, and cost them sales.

The question for you though is, if your site is translated into Chinese, how do you know you’re not getting nipped in the butt by your translator?

That’s why it pays to hire someone who is fluent AND understands the business culture of China and your country.

Ask about your translator’s background — do they have enough business experience in both languages to do a good job? Get references to verify, if necessary. And, if you want to double check your finished translation, have a 3rd party proofread it (like us).

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