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  1. tcweiland
    tcweiland February 4, 2009 at 12:57 pm |

    This reminds me the waive of Ronald McDonald fast food chain invasion in Taipei, Taiwan back in early 1980s. Moms were angry and picketing outside of the RMCD restaurant in Taipei. Burgers could never become the substitution of the main meal for rice. Worse, it degraded the mothers’ sacret role as the meal providers. Today, however, as Taiwan moves into more modern life style and social demands for women change, many other fast food chains such as Wendy’s, KFCs have overloaded the island for food supplements and meal providers.

    Starbuck coffee is not new here in the states, however, it’s rather eye-catching “new” gig for people in China. It will go through the curve and resistence with the people there – some will love it (younger generation) and some will resist it, just as RMCD’s history in Taiwan. As China accepting more foreign investors into its land, drinking tea and drinking coffee will be a business ritual among them. Like tea, coffee-drinking is a good non-threatening social setting that prompts good conversations and opportunities for socialization and human interaction. Will coffee overtake tea in China? Probably not. But will it co-exist with tea and hold equal importance on social status as tea in the future, quite likely!!

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